What goes around, comes around. This applies to absent healing and love, as much as to anything else.

To receive healing or to send healing, you have come to the right place.

In giving, we also receive.

Imagine the healing power of thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of people, all around the world, sending healing energy to one person!!

This web site is a medium that enables the coming together of people who wish to be used to share healing energies – and people, animals, places and situations that will benefit from those healing energies.

Simply by adding your name, if you require healing yourself, or the name of a relative or friend, or somebody you just know of, to the list of people who would like to receive healing, you will be opening yourself or that person to enormous healing powers.
The subject may be a person, an animal, a place or a situation.

Before you submit the name of somebody to receive healing, please obtain the prior permission of that person – if at all possible. This is very important.
Click here to add a subject for healing

If you would like to share your healing energy with other people, but you are not able to visit people in person, or if you just wish to share your healing with larger numbers of people, then you are able to do so.
Click here to see the list of subjects
who have asked to receive healing.

  • receive healing energy from thousands of people
  • share your healing energy with others
  • … and make a difference in the world!

Impact the lives of other people in wonderful ways . . . and change your own life in wonderful ways.

It costs nothing to send healing . . . but it is beyond price to the person who receives it.

To add the name of somebody who would like to receive healing, please click here to see the page where you can enter the subject’s details. This can be for yourself or another person. You can also use this for an animal, place or situation that is in need of healing.

Please note that these details will be public, unless you state that they must be private. This is so that other people can also send healing. 

If you would like to send healing, please click here to see the list of people who have requested to receive healing.

There is absolutely no charge for using this service.
This means that absolutely nobody is prevented from gaining healing benefit because of financial hardship.